148th post: Objects

bangle from celz as my birthday present (this year) and sister's spoiled watch (look at the time)
sister's necklace. found it in the dressing table. i doubt that i've seen her wear ever since her friend gave her.

oh man oh man, i really must say i hate picking up calls in the office (example: people i don't know or calls from some company/ people who talks formally). sometimes i would stutter and try really hard to think of something (formal) to say back. i mean, come on, i would rather say "hey boobs what are ya doing kid?" than "hello? who are you looking for? oh no, hes not in the office now. may i know what your name is?". AND SPEAKING OF NAMES I ASKED FOR THE PERSON'S NAME AND FORGOT ABOUT ASKING THE COMPANY TOO TODAY. my oh my (smacks  forehead).

anyway, good thing is i won't be going back to the office to help out tomorrow or on friday.

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