there was this time when i asked the waiter to come over 'cause we wanted to order the food and when i was asking him what was chicken chipolata, i realised that i'd been talking to myself all along as he wasn't even with us. thus, i was being laughed at. okay, embarrassing much.
oh finally! its december. the month of presents and celebration. it has been a long long time since i've celebrated christmas 'cause its always either darren & jay or me & sister (with our family) who are out of the country. whats more, i don't really celebrate with my friends nowadays.

i had a great day with jaslyn and kris on the first day of december. well, it was a pretty simple day out with them. nothing much. we went strictlypancakes for lunch (we were so, so full) and were lost before we found the shop. all thanks to jas's cool iphone map only did we get to the shop hahahaha. we. were. so. freaking. lost. anyway, the food was good. the ambience was also pretty good. since we didn't know where to go afterwards, we went over to the mall and watched a movie. after that, we walked over to orchard road and then to cineleisure. hmmm g'day, g'day!

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