Last day of December (long post)

my oh my. how long have i been gone since i blogged? ah, how i missed blogging. i had internet
when i was in thailand but i was only able to surf the internet through my phone. anyway, the trip to thailand was a m a z i n g. i was in (almost) paradise for the past 12 days. the food was too good and the place was absolutely peaceful yet a little too boring since most people my age were in school and my aunt was busy doing her work (few days only though). those few days i had been whining too much to everyone. so when i feel bored, i eat. yeah thats how i get those fats from. (no kid)

the people in the village were very, very friendly. and cheerful. its like, they are all pretty different from the people here. they all live a simple life. visiting each other's house when they're bored, laughing all day long (me seeing their toothy grin), giving the other neighbour fruits and vegetables for no reason and talking across the street. and the kids. yeah, what about them? they don't play computer games all day long like us; they play with the other kids along the streets. ah, i really miss the place already.

i still have a lot to say but i guess i will stop here for today (since i had just came back from thailand a few hours ago which literally was yesterday) and i shall post something ~different~.

(i thought of posting this next year but i guess i should just post it today since i have soooooooo many pictures of thailand)

  • had the most awesome sec 3 camp with my classmates/schoolmates and teachers
  • had my first bird shit EVER. on the head.
  • being really disappointed 
  • had more than 10 mosquito bites on both legs. at the same time. my left leg is now uglier than my right one.
  • baking my first green tea pound cake. SUCCESS!
  • knowing who are my true friends
  • bought my first dslr camera. 
  • being terribly worried for my results several times.
  • treated my grandparents chicken rice with cousins and sister. we should do it more often.
  • marina barrage with primary school friends like finallyyyyyy. g'day, g'day!
  • getting a new bed
  • chatting with da old folks in the community centre and sending them home.
  • hanging out with the cousins while waiting for their parents to reach singapore.
  • first flea market with jee van (i know i'm a noob)
  • getting reprimanded by a teacher for being booked several times since i didn't cut my nails and forgot to bring my name tag (yessss, seriously)
  • knowing how some guys can be a real jerk. boys, guys, men. whichever.
  • listening to love stories
  • thinking about how to survive 2012
  • learnt to play soccer during physical ed. properly.
  • being embarrassed 
  • hot tomato for lunch with jee van several times
  • planning my future
  • nonsensical talks with the art girls
  • laughing
  • laughing
  • laughing
  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • "One can never survive without a friend." or so thats how it is supposed to me.
  • being so tired at times i get K-Oed in less than 2 minutes
  • ice cream as birthday treat. twice ;-')
  • reading books. lotsssssss of booksssssss
  • being a horrible person 
  • saying things i shouldn't have and then regretting it. very much.
  • waste time
  • waste $$$
  • taking pictures for the first time from a film camera
  • keeping a diary whom i named Kate (no kid)
  • learning to let go
  • appreciating sunday mornings
  • being birthday bashed with whip cream
  • and hating whip cream after that
  • observing people. (no i m not a stalker)
  • found my childhood friend. unfortunately she doesn't remember me.
  • 1 to 1 dates with jee van hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhah
  • KAP dates with jaslyn kris esther sweetha andrea sumiko germaine nikki alex nicole etc
  • finishing art last minute with classmates and being locked in the art room by the teachers. who did it on purpose hahahahahahah gotta laugh at this
  • trying to appreciate what i have now 
  • crossing my legs when i sleep. yeah i'm weird like aladdin
  • visiting thailand
  • witnessing terrible and sad happenings.

*please forgive me if i have any grammar mistake(s) in this post because i.am.absolutely.worn.out

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