Whats happening

1. - 4. : Dec national geographic magazine. the pictures are all so beautiful.
5. : Keychain from jo who just came back from europe. lucky girl!

hullo there.

apparently i've been busy helping my father in the office, collaging all the photos and putting all of them into a photobook. seriously, can you imagine being stuck in a office for 9-11 hours? i can't even describe how frustrating it is to just either stare at the laptop OR the four white plain walls around me. sometimes when i can't take it anymore i would visit the toilet or take a breather outside, where the dustbins are. so in conclusion, i've decided never ever to work for someone but to work with. yeah........ i guess i am not the type of person who can stand listening to my boss complaining and to be at their beck and call. also, i wouldn't want to work in a office. i prefer to be running around, meeting the customer(s).

i may be in hell for the past few days but i will be in food paradise soon ;-) my flight to Chiang Mai will be on sunday, night time. oh jizz in pants i'm soooooooo gonna get fat. and yesssss i am so excited to see my grandma and my cousins and my auntie and my uncle and EVERYONE.

oh wait, i forgot to say I FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW LENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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