A bed full of rose petals

Clear blue sky

its been quite an eventful month- the month of february. there are countless of tests and new chapters coming up. i've been procrastinating too much and trying to keep myself sane. well, i have been having a pretty big appetite nowadays 'cause i seem to be communicating a lot with food but of course.... i ate all of them up. oh yes, art. gosh, i can't even. ah. i don't even know where i am heading to or where i am supposed to start from. i need more inspiration. i got to be more creative and think broader. sometimes i think that my art teacher is seriously making me feel lost. yes, she gives me lots of helpful ideas but in the end, they are just not what i want. i don't even... know what i want. damn, i got to move on quickly. everyone is already ahead of me.

ok. i should really stop procrastinating about my school life and work. well, on the bright side i am actually coping well with my science and math. umm... just barely though. but better than before.

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