Young At Heart II

hello there.

just got back home from tuition and thought that since i am pretty free, i might as well blog about the photoshoot session with mah models (jaslyn and kris, and my helper, alicia!).

Flower girlFlying unicorns
it wasn't a good day at first because it actually rained when we reached my house and while we were getting ready. once in a while i would pray to God and ask him not to rain anymore 'cause i needed a sunny weather, not a wet one. to be truth i was disappointed because i didn't expect it to rain and i kept thinking, "this is so not going to work out."

so we eventually slept for awhile 'cause the girls were like, "ohhhh this place is so cosy..." and jaslyn slept with her towel around her head like a turban. when there was finally a little hint of sunshine, i decided to wake them up and get on with our photoshoot. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I WAS OH JEEZ. the weather was great though the sky was a little grey but still, everything was perfect.

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