Dear Thailand 2011,

i miss the people in thailand. i miss the food my grandma and aunt cooked. i miss the peaceful village where i stayed at for almost two weeks. i miss lying in the hammock enjoying the peace, listening to my neighbours conversations and laughter. i miss my grandmother's laughter which would always make me laugh along. i miss my cousin, leo. i miss waking up to a freezing weather. i miss the friendliness of every single neighbour. i miss the village market where i would always buy my lunch and groceries from. i miss the puppy that i named miki and has died recently. i miss waking up feeling extremely, extremely fresh after washing my face 'cause the weather in the morning would always be freezing. i miss staring at the night sky full of sparkling stars. i miss riding the motorcycle behind my aunt to visit her friends in another village. i miss bunking with my mom and sister on two mattress covered by 5-6 blankets at night. i miss the morning shower whereby my sister and i would scream and whine about the cold. i miss sitting at the stairs leading to the kitchen, watching the sunset. 

most importantly, i miss my grandma. i want to go back in time because i know that if i were to go back to thailand this year, everything would never be the same again.

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