Exaggerating II

woke up at 6am today to accompany grandma and sister for a walk (with some other elderlies) at the reservoir near our house. the reservoir was pretty huge so one round is equivalent to (almost) 5km. so, after walking for a while with sister, grandma and her friend, i decided to jog which was a good idea because there was still about 4km. sadly enough (ahahahahahahaha) i only managed to run about 2+ km and i thought that was pretty... pathetic but good enough since it has been a long, long time since i've exercised.

what i like about the reservoir is that i (kinda) spent an hour with myself, thinking about almost eveything, reflecting my thoughts. it is definitely a good place to spend some time alone, away from the buildings (but thats only at the 2km-3km part though).

p/s: please ignore the grey spot in the pictures. 

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