Being 16

it's actually quite fun being 16........... ok not really. being 16 feels normal. the fun part is being able to celebrate with my friends (especially the surprise part). some sent me videos of themselves singing a happy birthday song, some sent really sweet texts, some posted pictures of me (hahahahh) and wrote sweet notes and some called in the early hours wishing me a happy birthday. i had actually thought that my (school) friends wouldn't really bother much about celebrating my birthday with me 'cause....... it was during a holiday BUT NO. they were really nice and surprised me during recess. i had actually thought there were only the cupcakes but then..... THEY SUDDENLY GAVE ME A YELLOW BOX WITH THE FILM BOX ON IT AND I WAS LIKE "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG SERIOUSLY?!?!?!" and i didn't have the appetite to eat my food afterwards 'cause i was so, so happy. so yeah.

there wasn't any party or anything though. i had a (peaceful and simple) lunch date with my primary school friends at a cafe near our house and they were so sweet to buy me a slice of cheesecake and caramel frap in a tumbler.

so, yes............................ it was a perfect 16th :-)


  1. Great blog! You have some really wonderful photographs here and it looks like you had such an amazing 16th! Happy Belated Birthday :)