Oh yay

1. 2. 4. evening skies are always my favourite.
3. dad bought indian rojak when he came back home for dinner. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FOOD.
5.6.7. breakfast: toasted bread with butter and strawberry yogurt. yum.

i guess blogging once (or twice) per week has become a routine since it is already the later half of the year which means that i have to spend more time on studying. i am quite relieved and glad to say that yesterday was the last day of spending my afternoon doing / rushing art. i mean, i still have to go back to the art room and hand up my prep boards and paint the frames black but still...... so for now its one subject down, few more to go. it is scary how time seems to fly so fast. just last year, i was struggling to get to sec 4 and now, i am still doing the same old thing but in a different level. it is kinda funny how we are all trying or struggling to do our best for our studies. just for a bright future. it makes sense though BUT STILL...................

anyway, i really hope that i will be able to focus my on my studies from now on since my art is done (for now). hmmmmmmmm i guess i will miss staying back till evening doing art, 'ghost adventuring' with jasmine after art at night (that particular day we left at 7+ pm and had to put our art stuff in our class and the whole school was quiet and dark and we videotaped the whole journey from the parade ground to the empty and eerie classroom block to jasmine saying "don't look inside the classroom!" to me singing 'some nights' to calm myself down to running and laughing loudly to the school gate and announcing our accomplishment), teachers teasing my canvas, being hungry in the late afternoon and whining to jasmine or alex or kris or the rest, getting paints on my hands or uniform or legs if not all three (accidentallyyyyyy), only reaching home when its almost 8pm and immediately heading to the kitchen as soon as i reached my destination. ok, i may not really miss all these but yeah, get my drift?

(next post: racial harmony day 1!)

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