gifts from friends that i have received for my 16th birthday (forgot to upload this on the previous post), pictures of a piece of delicious rainbow cake from nikki (ahhhh oohhhhh so goooood) and the sky during this afternoon.
some instagram (follow me! @daisydooms) pictures from the past few days / lately / today / etc.

i've been pretty busy during weekdays because i was told that we have to hand up our final composition by this week or something so..... life has been hectic.

saturday's weather was fantastic. oh, how i love chilly mornings. it was cold almost the whole day though so i had actually snuggled in my blanket / bed and slept during the whole afternoon. ahhhh how blessed. i was so glad that no one (especially my mother) disturbed my sleep because i have now realised how precious sleep is nowadays. i mean, i don't get to have afternoon naps (after school) like how i used to. i have art everyday after school so the likelihood of going home early is 0%.

it is also absolutely normal to see my 'black' face nowadays. i do joke around and everything but then.... oh sigh. i really hope that this week will pass by quickly so that i will have the time to study / revise.

on the bright side, racial harmony is this friday. can't wait!

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