Eventful week

hey there.

umm. feeling so awkward here.
whats happening:

  1. finally done with my art coursework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. watch the dark knight rises with my school mates- IT BLEW MY MIND LIKE TOTALLY BLEW. MY. MIND.
  3. celebrated YJ's (belated) birthday at a korean restaurant and studied for an hour or two at starbucks.
  4. met a cat (whom i shall name 'meow') for two weeks, on a weekend. she didn't want to let me go after i took a few pictures of her by walking and blocking my path. 
  5. had three tuitions so far. yeah, NO BIGGIE compared to those who have tuitions at least 5 times a week.
  6. spamming instagram (@daisydooms)
  7. reading stories online spazzing over those cheesy parts)
  8. sleeping
  9. sleeping
  10. and sleeping
  11. ok.
  12. i
  13. can't
  14. think
  15. of
  16. anymore
  17. things
  18. to
  19. say
  20. goodbye

(some pictures of racial harmony day 1)

*all instagram pictures / phone pictures or not in the right order

(saturday morning's breakfast)

so.......................... this is how it feels like after finishing my art coursework.

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