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oh god, i can't explain how glad i am to be back here blogging. its been way too loooonggggg. okay its not that long though. my prelims ended today (oh joy) but then theres two weeks of intensive starting from............. tomorrow. right after that, i will be taking my Ns which i am SO NOT READY for. time is passing by way too fast. its already august man and here i am blogging away when my examinations are just a few weeks away. ah damn i guess this shall be the last few posts before i bade goodbye for the time being.

anyway, i really miss reading and borrowing books from the library. it has been a few months since i've borrowed a book. ahhhhhhh i need a book. like A BOOK literally and not some stories from some online reading app. 


kris' outfit was reaaally pretty and nice
national day celebration was pretty good. my classmates (and i) were pretty glad that we got our class varsity jackets on time 'cause it is red and...... y'know we just gotta be in red (and white) and be in a ~celebrating mood~ actually i got bored and tired of jumping up and down after a while (ha ha ha ha ha)

so..... (like a typical blogger) follow me on instagram @ daisydooms or ask me questions on formspring! (damn my fs is kinda dead now)

can't wait for all these shit to end. 

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