Little talks

cute little cupcakes baked by (my friend) Stacia's mother. i swear the cupcakes were really good and pretty. i was like *.* when i saw the cupcakes that stacia brought for us. you can follow them on twitter or instagram: the leowscupcake / yes yes oooooh yes you should order cupcakes or cakes from them!
so heyyyyyyyy how is everyone doing? (hahahahahahahahha its so awkward / i don't even know what to say)

so. three subjects down and many more to go however i am thankful that there are still a few weeks before the start of the rest of the papers. i am definitely going to work harder (obviously................... there isn't a choice) for the sake of... y'know, my future. oh, bright future. pfft. i don't even know if i can score good grades (like an A or a B) for my english, chinese and social studies. dear god, i need to score well.

the sister just came back from korea. unfortunately for me, i had to stay in singapore and whats worse is that.......... she didn't buy anything much for me except for .. (i shall post them in the next post!)

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