Oh hey

spent about half an hour running from the study room to my parent's bedroom and back and forth, taking pictures of the clothes. i had even forced my (sleepy) sister out of the bed to help me take a picture (or three, actually. she did not want to take any more than that) and sneakily took my father's hanger (which by far is the nicest looking hanger among ours, ha ha). i don't understand why i sweat so easily when i am taking pictures and when i sweat, i sweat alot. my glasses would start to slip off and i would get so irritated. i probably look like a granny when i am sweating and taking pictures. ugh.

i wasn't really happy with the clothes that my sister bought from korea 'cause i thought they were too .... mainstream? the long sheer skirt and etc. it was okay though. i think i will wear the knit top and shorts quite often though. (yes, i am thankful that my sister bought all these for me hahahahha i don't wanna sound like a spoilt brat)  hmmmmmm

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