Thailand 2012 Part II

cousin's extremely playful puppy, pao (which i guess is three months old)

when i was in thailand, i realised that the adults there are actually okay with their kids (as young as five/six years old or around there) to cycle to their school. i was actually surprised to see that they would cycle along the road (or going through the alleys) to go to their school because i thought that it was dangerous.  (i first witnessed it when my cousin who is six years old cycled to school and back home) cars would drive really fast.... i mean any sane person would be worried about that.

whenever leo reached home (around 3pm thai time), he would immediately strip off his uniform, change into his home clothes and speed out of the house to play with his friends. it was quite amusing to see that actually. sometimes i would find him playing and running around the village or along the alleys with his friends. whenever i see this i would ask my mom "grandma just let him out of the house like this? everytime?" and she would nod her head. so.. the conclusion is, it is perfectly normal for kids their age to run around the place and the adults wouldn't even be as worried as i was. those kids always remind me one word: freedom.

i love the evenings there or the late afternoons. it seemed more fun around the late afternoons because most people are back from school and the evening sky there is amazing. damn, the sky at night is just as wonderful. i guess it was the lack of road lamps that allowed me to spot millions of stars.

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