Thailand 2012 Part I

leaving my grandma's place in thailand was pretty emotional this year. i've never really been as emotional and sad compared to the past few trips. i miss everyone and everything there. this year's trip to thailand is better in the sense that i feel closer to my little cousin (because last year we did not meet as much as we did this year) and my grandma. man, i love them so much. i miss squeezing leo and playing with him. i tried to cherish the time spent with everyone there because... one may never know who will be gone next. i hate to think of the people who will no longer be there when i visit the place again.

 to those who thinks that thailand is the land of smiles........ you're absolutely right. everyone is so friendly there. people in the village would just randomly smile at me and acknowledge me. it feels different there because everyone knows each other and they are more than just neighbours. they're like a family. (this one is a little exaggerating but its true) one just go to the other's house, sit down, talk and everthing. yes, yes i know that people in singapore also do that but... things just feel different there. 

 during this trip, i spent more time with people older than me than with the teenagers because they were all in school plus it wasn't (and isn't) their holiday yet so most of the time my sister and i would pester our mom and ask her to bring us somewhere like the market or anywhere else because we were really bored. (wow long sentence) speaking of the market... i think thats the place we visited the most and the thing that i love most about the market is... their food. most of the time there we consumed so many bowls of pork noodle soup that i've lost count. also, their iced green tea is the best. (it calmed me down when i was waiting anxiously like an idiot for my results) however i feel that compared to last year (and the past few years), i havent been eating as much as i used to. i still love the food there but i guess its because i was.... watching my weight hahaha. 

 part II coming soon!

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