The White Wall Part I

today, bianca and i had an hour plus shoot. as usual, it was pretty impromptu (the benefit of having a model-like neighbour) and when she asked me what we were gonna be shooting, i said, "what do you feel like wearing?" so... we went to her room and just grabbed everything that i (or we) felt that would be right for the shoot. let me tell you this....... this girl has got more clothes than you can imagine. when we were in her room, i couldn't stop gushing over all those piles of clothes AND her room. an attic room.. HOW COOL IS THAT. anyway, we had a helluva fun time shooting several outfits. to be honest i kinda like this shoot more than the rest (other than anna sun). somehow its like a whole new level for me. (and for ah bee hahahah )

 you should have seen how excited we were.

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