i've been working for my father recently and almost all the time i'm assigned to collecting pictures and making videos from the pictures that he took (+ some admin work if there is any). it is pretty..... boring actually. i hate that the computer is so slow whenever i want to view the pictures and when i say slow.. ITS REALLY SLOW. sometimes i have to wait more than a minute or two for a picture to load. after helping him, i realised something; i am not cut out for desk-bound jobs and i never want to work any desk-bound jobs in future. they're so tiring (mentally).

 anyway, i found a few pics (out of albums of pics) from my father's computer and decided that since i have the urge to blog BUT i have no pictures of mine to blog.... why not use my father's ones. actually they're only from two albums (ha ha ha)- vietnam and malaysia (if i'm not wrong its sarawak). 

 his pictures................ my edit. (hahahahhahahahhah)

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