365 GP Week 1

yay yay yay here comes the first post for #365 GP (grateful project)!!!! anyway i should be posting 2-3 pics considering its a photo a day project and i've only started this project on friday but its ok its ok! i'll just take it as a practice.


1. I'm grateful for the plants that my grandpa grow in his garden. well...... i can admire pretty plants/flowers for free (he he he)


2. I'm grateful for this pair of sports shoes. i swear, there are so so so so soooo comfortable. though they dont belong to me (my sis bought them but.. whats hers is mine hahahaha) i still wear them for a run. and running makes me healthier and (maybe lose weight???????) so thats something i definitely have to be grateful for isn't it? ;-)


3. I'm grateful for this (BAM) old polaroid camera that was given to me by my father. i've always wanted an old polaroid camera and now that i have it... i'm really happy and grateful. i have never expected my father to own one though i have seen films taken by it. anyway, i realised how expensive the films are after i bought it and so far i've only used it for a packet of film.............. a bit wasted ah.


4. I'm grateful for umbrellas (this is not a joke). you may not know this but i'm known for always bringing umbrella with me whenever i'm out. when i say always, its really ALWAYS. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. anyway, singapore is known for its unpredictable weather so its always important to bring an umbrella (do i sound like i'm promoting umbrellas) and thus i am grateful for umbrellas because they shelter me.


5. I'm grateful for this paintbrush. this was given to me by andrea (many thanks to you again andrea!) who was my art classmate and whom had helped me a lot during our major exams. this paintbrush.... is really good. i was glad that andrea gave me this paintbrush since my canvas was big and i needed to paint more and i had limited good paintbrush. (side note: i'm sorry if it looks extremely dirty but its for the use of art isn't it. plus i'm not a very clean person when it comes to art and the same goes to the way i paint.)

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