365 Project Week 2

so... hey there everyone. this is the second week which means 365 GP Week 2 right??? but no....... during this week, i realised that i can't cope with this 365 Grateful Project and it would be so much better if it was just 365 Project. initially i wanted to quit this project but..... i would seem to be a quitter isn't it? also, this 365 project was something that i had been wanting to do so i can't probably quit after doing for just a week. i thought of just taking pictures from my phone (umm nowadays a phone camera works just as good as a digital camera isn't it?) because 1. i can't possibly bring my dslr with me everyday and everywhere and 2. i'm just really really lazy (sobs). i will still post them on every sunday.... so yeah.


first time meeting a female taxi driver (whilst i was in a hurry to do some errands for my father) plus she was super friendly.

and in the same week i met another friendly taxi driver who was kind enough to suggest leading us away from the heavy traffic and searching the map for the place we wanted to go.

went little india (blue diamond) with kiru for something to eat................... i was too greedy and ordered two naans and i wanted to puke 'cause i was too full. the food was really good though.

dinner with kerilyn at carpenter and cook and the lemon cake was sooooooooooo good. actually everything tasted so perfect.

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