Thailand 2013 / 365 Grateful Project

hello there 2014 (and everyone)! ahh well, as always, a new year calls for new year resolutions isn't it? i enjoyed 2013 and i hope 2014 will be better. anyway, i've decided to do a 365 Grateful Project (you can know more about it here). i thought this is pretty meaningful + i've always wanted to do a 365 project so... why not now? however, instead of posting a picture everyday, i thought, why not do one post per week? and in each post, there would be 7 pictures (7 days). so, i'm gonna do a blog post on every sunday (tentatively).

so............. here comes thailand 2013 post! i've been really really lazy to edit and upload these pictures. i swear, i've never posted pictures from my thailand trips this late. ok maybe its 'cause i feel that i don't have many pics from this trip but.. y'know

(pictures not in any order)
          my very down-to-earth and humble grandma

one of those foggy mornings

 cousin's dog (i had been telling them to cut her hair and clean her up but..... i think they were too busy????)

 i love how they communicate like this. anyway heres a pic of the aftermath of my mother passing my grandma the hanger from upstairs.... i think

 was really fascinated and in love with mother's ring (btw, i'm not a fan of blue) and i was begging her to give it to me.

cheeky Leo

 the room where mom and i slept (we were literally chasing rats/mice away every night)

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