TPP Collection 7

had a shoot with tpp recently for their collection 7! (and 8 if i'm not wrong). it was like the longest shoot i've ever had since we had so many clothes but nonetheless it was fun!! i think the one who is always the most tired (at the end of the day) is jasmine since she had to change so many times (if i were her i would have gone crazy from going in and out of the toilet for so many times) anyway.................. PLEASE VISIT THEM. i won't say that the pictures are amazing since i'm still an amateur photographer but i'd say i am trying to improve in taking pictures and editing them so yeahhhhhh.


me to jas: "eh eh theres someone behind!" and then she started to point at him when we were shooting hahaha


just casually plucking her leg hair and i was like "i'm gonna show this to everyone!"

she thinks shes god but no



can't wait to work with them again!

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