Adios Renata!

had a farewell party for renata yesterday and it was sooooo fun. (actually its more like she hosted the party and we just helped a little here and there) we played twister and ate pratas (renata ft prata man lol) and took crazy pictures and ate more pratas again. i really have to say that her party is the best so far hahahah. i mean, shes so chilled and wasn't so uptight about everything like 'omigosh what should we get/what food do you think i should buy' or 'omigosh how should i decorate this place'. also, she is super down to earth. i think shes really the best human being on earth (are you blushing now renana hahaha) 

ps, she reads my blog too so that makes her more special to me :') 

jeevan decorating the 'photobooth' which we didn't really make much use of in the end hahaha

really envy renata for having such a cool mother. she was telling us to finish up the drinks so that she could put the flowers in the bottles and use them to decorate the table. this, was just one of the many things that is cool bout her mother. really.


 jeevan being her retarded self

went to the toilet with these girls and we were so awed by the place...............

thanks for having us renata!!! and i really hope that you will have lots of fun in america (dont take drugs and party too much gurl) ;-)

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