I Baked: French Madeleines

wooooo so todayyyyyyy i baked madeleines and they turned out to be a success!!!! i actually wanted to bake green tea pound cake again (which would then be my third time baking that?) but i really wanted something different and i remember jotting down on my inspiration book that i wanted to bake french madeleines 'cause i found them on eatyourteacup so... ta dahhhhhh ha ha ha. also, the ingredients are easy to find and the instructions are simple too. i was literally doing some kinda mad dance in front of my mother when the madeleines turned out to be a success haahhaahha. (i could tell that she was trying not to laugh.) anyway the french madeleines are not in shell shapes but in kueh baulu kind is because....... the madaleine pan is so expensive!!! (almost 26 bucks for one???!) yeah so i didn't get them and got 2 kueh baulu pans instead. whilst baking the other pan i would tend to pop a few madeleines in my mouth because they're so good :') (yes they're really good though a little dry.) 

 the weather was so good today...................... oh man i wanted to suntan so badly (because my tan lines are really bad and i can't wear tops with thin straps ugh) and i think i'd been annoying alicia and my sister about the weather. i think i annoyed my sister more. when we went to buy the ingredients i kept whining about how good the weather was and how sunny it was ........ hahah i really need to tan.

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