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(continue from post title) i realise that i have not done anything interesting or productive since the month of february (other than getting myself tanned until i have ugly tan lines and meeting my friends and helping my father in terms of work.) i feel that march is more mundane than feb and most of the time i would find myself in the office (maybe around 4 days a week?) and staring at the computer and reading other people's blog. i think during this period i've become quite a good stalker too (also, i read bianca's blog more than ever.... at least 2 times a day. its a good thing that shes going to blog more than she used to for now.)
(from left to right)
1. flowers arranged by renata's cool mother during her farewell party.
2. me acting like i saw something on the floor............. what a pose huiqin.
3. chocolate banana cake from fruit paradise (i had a hard time choosing.)
4. really in love with the food product packaging designs in M&S... so inspired by them man.
5. found a sea (not literally though) of frangipanis on the pavement this morning while on my way to the bus stop.
6. ice creams from M&S........... slurps.
7. spent my saturday @ Vivo city and the weather was superb.
8. been feeling a little inspired nowadays so i would print a few pictures i found online and paste them on the scrapbook just in case i would need them in future :-)
9. ootd for a wedding (in malaysia) on sunday.
anyway i have created a new instagram ( click :tableful) recently and its dedicated to food and only food (does it sound tempting enough??) so follow me if you want to!

ps, i'm glad i can finally change my blog layout to blogger's once again!!!!! its so much better and convenient than any other's.

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