was reading my other old blog (yes i have one) recently and i actually realise that i am more talkative in the past (on my blog). some of the posts are either absolute nonsense or amusing. heres one of them from 2011:

"Ok. So you see the post title? YEAH. Shum told me not to sit like a buddha (ps, i always like sitting cross-legged even during class time) after saying that talking or teaching me can make her puke out blood. And fyi shum, i still cant absorb what you taught us today 'cause you'd been talking in circles and adding more craps than informations. In between lessons, i would tend to fall asleep easily and try to keep myself busy. Kept disturbing kiran and telling her to entertain me so that i won't fall asleep and talk nonsensical stuffs. I did and she gave me the 'wtf is wrong with you' look. I was punished by shum yesterday with kiran, sumiko, jasmine and bernice. I must say that it was actually.. nice. ha-ha. Exchanging thumbs up and a stupid grin with kiran when we got told to stand outside the class as we went to the toilet before shum came to class (but the thing is, i asked for permission). Lets just say that i've been a total idiot for this hot september. Nothing has been going well for me."

hahaha basically i was quite amused whilst reading my old posts cos..... i never knew i was so talkative and would write down all the things that happened in school and etc. also, kiran and i really liked the fact that we made shum (aka our humanities teacher) angry and that we were punished hahahah. we would often go to the toilet on purpose before shum entered the class and started being all happy after she found out and will kick us out. why? 'cause we wanted to miss her lessons............... HAHAAHAH (i promise i wasn't as bad during other lessons throughout the years in school.) everytime we were punished we were either told to stand outside the class or at the back which was fine with us since we would start laughing among ourselves and communicate across the class. while doing that, shum will start to talk about her personal life and some hong kong stuff. . . . . . . . .

ah the good old days. 

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