You reap what you sow

these are grown by my grandfather who loves gardening and i must say that it is what he grew that makes the house a lot more beautiful and colourful. anyway he grew them at the back of the house and one day my mother excitedly called me down and told me to bring along my camera............. and then i was greeted by a basket of fresh goodness. honestly forgot what this fruit is called (pomegranate maybe??? cos the inside part looks like it)

hashtag half face selfie

painted my toe nails today 'cause i was too bored and i've never painted all of them before. anyway, i have hideous feet but jaslyn said they look cute.

and i went out with my greatest buddies yesterday and it was so much fun and i laughed too much until i wanted to puke. also, we sat at starbucks and laughed at people and i kept telling them we should do it again (dont hate pls hahahah)

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