We went trekking

aloha! i went trekking with jeevan yesterday at hortpark where it actually comprises of mount faber park, telok blangah hill park, kent ridge park and labrador nature reserve. (hahah i kinda copied this part.) if i'm not wrong, we only went to the first two (also henderson waves) and they were soooooo beautiful. we explored and found places where we'd never thought would exist in singapore. whats more the weather was great and sunlight was filtering through the leaves of the trees which made everything looked so magical. (i hope i dont sound too exaggerating.)


1. first pic of the day :-)
2. jeevan being sneaky and took a pic of me taking a pic.
 3. the view we saw while trekking.
 4. hello there from me.
5. hullo there from us. (we had to keep turning in circles to find the perfect spot to take pics + not getting the sun on our faces and squinting while smiling lol)
 6. hello there from jeevan (actually her name is sweetha but im too used to calling her surname)
7. i really hated walking on that........... god it gave me the shivers whenever i look down.
8. this was me 2/3 of the time just 'cause i didnt want to have any insects (ugh) on my head and etc.
9. you should have seen our faces when we reached henderson waves...........

while we were on our way out of the place we passed by a house and i thought i saw a monkey at their backyard. i told jeevan about it and you should have seen our faces at that point of time........... we were bending down and looking so serious hahahahah UNTIL THE 'MONKEY' TURNED OUT TO BE A DOG HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH.

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