iPhoneography again

(not in any order)

1. 1st may sunset (after shoot with bianca) 
2. baked red velvettt (quite a few said it was good) 
3. favourite kind of sunset :-)
 4. & 5. 6. cheap dinner at the place where the atmosphere is most suitable for couples but.................. i only had jeevan to go with hahahah. most of the time we were kinda blaming and telling each other off like "why am i even here with you." "hello i should be bringing my boyfriend here!!" hahaha 
7. and before that i met andrea and nicole briefly while they were doing their manicure. (nicole's first time) 
8. banana and blueberries in da yogurt (follow me @tableful on instagram yes??)
 9. was so in love with this romper? once i tried it on... i love the colour its so pretty.

10. actually took this last month (i love how castle like this house is) 
11. took this yesterday when i was at the bus stop. 
12. grandpa bought char siew puffs from malaysia and i ate 3 (there were only 6 so..) 
13. & 14. & 15. met my primary school friends (sometimes monthly sometimes fortnightly) and we played monopoly at jo's house and had zhi char for dinner (near her house) and it was so fun cos we kept cheating and we laughed too much. anyway it felt good while walking to jo's house after dinner cos i was thinking how we are still so close after so many years plus we have so much more privileges now compared to our primary school times. 
 16. just the kinda porridge i like (for breakfast)
 17. i got bored one day and decided to paint... in a different way. 
18. and today i baked brownies!!!

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