so yes...... i finally reunited with bianca yesterday!!!! (we last met last year lol sounds damn long but actually it was only about 4 months) anyway, it was a super impromptu shoot though we already kinda arranged to meet the day before but....... i only asked her again when i woke up from my nap in the late noon and the sun was super bright. then i texted her and bam we met within half an hour (see, thats the benefit of having a photogenic neighbour). 

 also, i actually told her i didn't want to shoot anywhere near any greenery but..... like what jeevan told me: "you can never part with Mother Nature." HAHAHAHAH it was true and we soon found ourselves at some grass area shouting (more like me) "OMG THE SUNLIGHT OMG IS THIS THE GOLDEN HOUR OMG OK LETS JUST STAY HERE. JUST STAY HERE!!" so yeah bianca taught me stuff about aperture and we stayed there the whole time till the sun went down :-)  
(kinda sad that the pictures are not sharp and looking a little grainy............ urgh)

ps, just a year ago we had a shoot too!! : The white wall #1 & The white wall #2

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