Korea 2014 Visuals I (iphone + film camera)

sooooooooo heres the long awaited korea visuals post!!! (i've been really busy lazing around and i just couldn't bring myself to organise the pics and blog them haahah) i went to develop my film about one week ago! the pictures didn't come out as nice as i thought it would be and i was kinda disappointed............ anyway lets get started!!


second overseas trip with cousins jay and darren after so long. (first was thailand in 2006/2007!) this time replacing my sister since all of them went together to korea in 2012.

we landed about 5+pm (singapore time should be 4+!) and by the time we reached our hotel it was gonna be 6-7pm. so basically we just had dinner, walked around for awhile before going back to the hotel. maaaaan the weather felt so refreshing. anyway our hotel was at myeong dong (seoul royal hotel) and it was pretty good for a cheap hotel?? my aunt booked three rooms and i slept in the same room with my grandmother and grandaunt. room was small but i had no complains!!! cos their bed was sooooo comfortable and the blanket was just....... heaven. so far thats the only hotel that i dared to be alone in when they went down for breakfast?? (i'm a.......... scaredy-cat when it comes to sleeping alone in hotel rooms hahah)

somewhere outside the hotel


next day we went to the aquarium. had some light breakfast at the cafe we found while on the way to the subway. (basically first breakfast in korea.) the subways there are something like singapore's but more complicated plus they have a lot more exits. also, when i saw their map i was like.... its ok i will just follow my cousins.

had to stand in the train and...... i was too lazy to hold my bottle so i just put it in my cardigan pocket hahah.

 the aquarium!!! i actually thought i was lame but when i went further in it was pretty cool. omg and the coolest thing was i remembered that was the place haru and tablo (from the return of superman) filmed at and she was so scared to pass by the sharks area!!! so yeah that made everything more interesting for me. there were so many cool things to see!! plus they even had fishes in toilet bowls and vending machines hahaha. and then i spotted this boy imitating the fishes. boy (lol), he was so enthusiastic.


pretty flowers outside the mall.

had our lunch after visiting the aquarium and heres one lame ootd hahaha.

darren told us he was gonna bring jay and i to some place for dinner and according to him "wah the meat there damn nice its like you will want to go there again and it will melt in your mouth" so yeah the food there was REALLY GOOD like the meat was so juicy and Q and it was so intense. the best thing was all we had to do was eat and the person will cook the meat for us. wooooo and luckily our first time was on a wednesday or thursday so we didn't have to queue for long.


 night shopping and i found........ american apparel!!! / i was pretty amazed by how good the people are at dressing up. each and everyone were so confident and unique and i couldn't help but compare them with the people in singapore. i guess the difference is the seasons here and in korea so.... thats why dressing up wasn't a problem for them?? we have the heat to fight with in this country so most people are dressing down..... right??? anyway i realised even their sales assistants are so hip in the way they dress (like those working in adidas and nike) plus their hairstyles........... BAM the girls there didnt seem to care how they look like with their quirky hairstyle. so damn confident.


cafe/ small little porridge restaurant just opp our hotel. i love their design so much. oh and their porridge!! i especially love how they would serve the small dishes first (kimchi yum yum) before the main dishes. plus i love congee (not the plain ones though) so everything was +++ points??


 next day we went to hong dae to visit the 3d museum.

guy in beanie was talking to himself throughout the whole train journey and the girls sitting beside him were actually getting scared hahaha he looked young by the way.


found this cafe when i was in hongdae (omg hongdae stuff are so much cheaper than myeongdong plus i bought this birkenstock like sandals there and i couldnt find the same design in myeongdong even though the birkenstock like shoes are pretty common there) socks there are really cheap too!! and oh my the prints are just....... they are just too cute. i bought a few and gave them to my friends. 

 more in next post!!! (omg this is such an abrupt ending hahaha i apologise)

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