"Let's build a bridge and get over it"

 "u wanna shoot today!!!" 

hahaha that was how i started our conversation at about 2pm yesterday and then we really had a shoot afterwards in the late afternoon. bianca was saying how she liked her outfit plus i was sooooooooo bored at home (i was painting when i texted her) so hahahah. anyway i just realised this post coincides with my previous post 'cause both of them are wearing stripes.

 i thought it was actually gonna rain since it was so cloudy but thankfully it didn't and the sun actually became brighter halfway during our shoot. (i feel so tired of the word shoot nowadays haha) also, B had a good hair day!!!!! thank goodness for that 'cause believe it or not it actually made the pictures look a whhhooleeee lot better. and then as usual she kept me entertained with her stories while we shoot and i told her useless ones while we were on our way back (hahahaha).

how i was posing yesterday.............. one of the woes of shooting with 50mm lens within limited space (sobs do i look slutty in this pose hahaha but my legs look so slim and long here so hehheehehehhe)

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