Korea 2014 Visuals II + HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA!!

hello there! so.... continuing from where i left off we went hongdae and visited the 3d museum too.

just casually riding a camel

we had lunch and went to dong dae mun area. my cousins and i took the train there while the adults took the cab so i was basically following darren and jay like a clueless person since they know the area more than me. sometimes i made jay or darren carry my film camera since i would always have two cameras in my wonderful and magical longchamp backpack (sobs) + other essentials.

the adults went to the market area while we just waited for them in the mall.......................... my cousins didn't want to go............... ugh. then as usual we went back to our hotel and walked around myeongdong after dinner.

the next day we went to the dongdaemun market but didn't do much. we followed our grannies to buy some (of their type) of clothes and almost came out of the building really dizzy and colour blind. man......... they probably bought more clothes than me. also, jay and i unluckily saw this ahjumma's armpit hair............................................ you should have seen jay's face. jay also got complimented by three ahjummas!!!! they were like "wah handsome boy (thumbs up)" and i was just like ok time for plastic surgery. hahaha


after that, we met 肥妈 aka fat mother, their ex tour guide who has a very good sense of humour and shes really good at talking and she brought us to eat at this famous ginseng chicken place (which was frequently?? visited by the president who lives nearby. i really love the place since its so ~koreanish~. also my aunt kept trying to pay for the meal but 肥妈 kept pushing her back to the room and it was a pretty hilarious scene since 肥妈 is bigger in size than my aunt. she literally left us crying with her jokes man.

肥妈 at the right

(another abrupt ending i apologise hehe........... pls wait patiently for the third and last korea trip post!!! hahaha)



HAHAHA eh look how much you have changed/improved (in posing and taking pictures) since we met!!! i still remember the first time we met for a shoot and you actually wanted to give me a roll of film........ wah eh i still remember okay hahaah. anyway so glad to have you as my 'neighbour' and pls, you will always be ma number 1 model/ poser. thanks for being so photogenic and teaching me how to pose (hahahaha fml) and always ready to have shoots with me whenever i ask you to!!!!!!! PLEASE study hard and get many As for your upcoming exams and hurry shoot again with me soon!!!! 

HAPPY 18TH!!!!! <3

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