Aug - Sept

drawing class

charcoal drawingggg

rarely talked to this idiot even though we're in the same school

the day our grey matters teacher brought us to emily hill just to sit, relax and be by ourselves. he told my classmate to collect all the confetti on the grass and she decided to do a heart shape. we joined her soon after.

watching RM while doing my work haahahha sorry bout the mess :-( 


the day before our sleepless night.

not a neat person and will never be (3d lesson)

photoshop class hahah

the day we brought fruits for 3d lesson.

don't know what my hand was doing haahahaha but heres our selfie in the toilet. that day we were so tired from travelling from school to clementi to (almost) hougang (the motive was to start from a particular bus stop to another without walking to the bus stops we wanna go to) and that was a class activity/lesson which was pretty weird from the normal lessons. but then again we don't have normal lessons for grey matters (the particular subject) because we always do weird things that doesn't make sense like going hawker centre to another just to eat and then reflect on it.

met this idiot 3 days in a row and never got tired of her hehehe 

sending germaine off <3

that day i spent the whole day at the dispensary rushing my photoshop work with these two until 9pm? and then rushed down to print our work. thank god for the uncle who stayed with us till almost midnight!! (so damn thankful and definitely visiting him soon for more prints! hehehe) 

always fooling around with these people hahaha

still life drawing in class

                                breakfast with jeevan(<33333) after our 10km hike which left me so exhausted that i wanted to cry. kept shouting at her to slow down but she just kept telling me to hurry up. 

*waves* hahaha i'm finally back after so long!!! i really kinda miss blogging but school has been keeping me reaaaallly reallllyyy busy. its no longer the same as the past few months when i would find myself often napping or trying to keep myself occupied. i met lots of nice people (ok not really a lot............ haha i don't really make a lot of friends other than those in my class) and i still try to keep in touch with my ex school mates cos i really miss them and i miss how i could communicate easily with them. luckily i have a few friends whom i am closer to in school that are more friendly and easy to talk to. anywayyy, the assignments/ homework from school are no joke man. we are constantly burning the midnight oil and rushing our work. just last night my classmates and i stayed up the whole night doing our work and rushed to school (class started at 9am faints............ ). walked of my house looking like a zombie and kept knocking my head on the bus window when i was sleeping. i realised that i hardly go out with my friends (and ex school mates) once school started and even if so its only once a week? i still remember staying at home rushing my work on the first two weekends after school started. 

despite complaining so much i actually like being busy. it makes me feel occupied and accomplished y'know, like i'm actually doing something instead of lazing around. i see lots of interesting people in school and i can't wait for the next few months/years with these people!

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