Chasing the sun

hey yall holiday is finally here!!!!! i'm so, so happy and it feels so weird not having anything to do/rush for. the workload was really too much but then.... its all over and i'm glad submissions are over too whoots whoots! now that i have more time for myself... i'll probably blog more? hahahaha (no promises). 

 anyway bianca and i woke up at 6+am and met around 7am (since we live so near each other) to shoot hahaha. its been soooooo long since i had a shoot + a shoot with her and man, i was so glad and ready for such an early shoot. (too many shoot in this sentence). basically we met somewhere near our place and spent about 15 mins (it felt like half an hour) walking on mud and jumping from one place to another yucksssss. oh yes and bianca's mom baked really chewy and delicious macaroons that had me wanting for more (yum yum).


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