Coming back

coming back didn't feel as good as i thought it would be. i never thought there would be such a stark difference between the weather in thailand and singapore. gosh.............. ITS SO HUMID IN SINGAPORE!!! hahaha i was even telling my mother when we came out from the airport "omg so difficult to breathe so humid!!" the air in thailand was so much better and fresh.(okay enough complaining, moving on). 

 my visit to thailand this year is definitely better than the last. my aunt who got married in japan came to visit (after 8 years), my cousin came back for a while too and my little cousin spent more time with us than last year (by that i meant his presence accompanying us while he played his computer games). nothing much has changed and i'm really thankful for that. i really love how peaceful it is and that these (almost) two weeks gave me (more than enough) time to think and relax. it felt wonderful to be back honestly, being back in the embrace of people who appreciates and dotes on you. 

 mother and i still do the same thing as we do the past few years; visiting temples, eating bowls of curry noodles and kway teow soup, visiting phayao and visiting her friends/neighbours. i love the atmosphere in the village. sometimes its so quiet that i could hear the neighbours talking in the house opposite mine. man, i love the way they laugh the most. they always laugh and then make a squealing sound together, making everything a lot more funny. i visited the local supermart situated in the market almost everyday since there wasn't any other malls to visit. 

my aunt had a 'party' at her house.... i guess something more like a house warming party (with monks to bless the house and all). the neighbours came to help and cook at 5-6 am and by the time i reached, they were all waiting for the monks to come. i went around taking so many pictures and everyone kept using the take-a-picture- sign to me. i think i smiled and laughed more than i've in a month in singapore (hahahaha). it got boring for a while so i went out with my cousins to buy a new camera battery charger since i was such a fool to leave in behind in singapore. it was that day that i found out my cousin could drive and hes the same age as me. perhaps some things have changed hahaha. we drove shops to shops but we couldn't find one that sells a camera battery charger and eventually.... gave up. so basically the next few days i lived without using my dslr and just on film and phone camera. anyway, when we went back to the party i found a group of old people (including my grandma) dancing to the songs and 'partying' in their way. gosh, i was already laughing and smiling and taking pictures of them by the time i stepped into the house. i'm guessing that it was because they don't really have many parties in their village so that was the time when they could party as much as they could (no matter how old) and drink as many beer as they want. i remember my family buying 4-5 cartons of beer. wow. i think the last time we had such a party in my family was when i was..... primary 5? and i loved the atmosphere too though this time there was much more space to dance and a place to eat for them. i really liked how willing those neighbours and friends were to wake up so early and help my aunt to cook and prepare, in return for nothing. speaking of that, my mother's friend even helped us upright the pole supporting the electricity wires because there wasn't anyone to do it. again, expecting nothing in return. it makes me feel guilty for being such a selfish person sometimes. they're the epitome of selflessness. 

 i've actually gained an extra kilo or two since i had been eating so much there.

more pictures.... soon!

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