Before the sun sets

been wanting to have picnic and i finally had one with my class/school mates yesterday!!! we have a 'short break' from school so we grabbed this opportunity to do some fun stuff. so glad to have met these people from school :-) zoe and avis are actually from another class and we all met during one of the classes that required us to work with other classes. we're definitely thankful for that class (though everyone didn't like it since its so boring and blah) since we have more new friends. we will all be separating to our own courses next term so its kinda sad since i've been hanging out a lot with becky and christy and becca.... ugh. even though christy and i are in design com, we're still in different classes (major ugh) but at least i have the same lessons (time) with zoe so all izzzz guuddd.

everyone brought something and we started feasting without christy who was damn late (refer to the girl smiling in bottom pics)

we all thought that it was seriously going to rain but it didn't so i was damn happy?! plus we started in the late afternoon and managed to catch the 'golden hour'!!!!

sorry guys ruin your reputation he he

the sunset was so beautiful?! plus i didn't expect the city view from marina barrage to be so wonderful at night. my heart....... we even went gardens by the bay and laid down on the seats looking at the lights.

visit again for film pictures in next post!! whoop

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