Explorin' Tiong Bahru

its been a pretty relaxing (and lazy) holiday hahah. some of my friends are overseas and i'm soooooo envious because i really really really want to get out of this country!!! i need (i repeat, need) to be in a whole new country and different environment. mostly to feel less bored, buy more things, feel inspired and have fun!!!! 3 months of a school break is no joke when you're stuck in the country and have almost nothing much to do. (please, i even visited the library.) when kris was back i realised i spent quite a number of days with her which i am really glad since i rarely saw her and i had a (almost) daily companion so i wasn't so bored during the start of my holiday. 
last month, we went over to becky's neighbourhood and explored and looked for job (riche wanted to but most of them were closed 'cause it was monday) and i brought my camera and started to take pictures. there was this moment when i was taking a few shots and started walking backwards and then accidentally kicking something and these few uncles saw and my friends were way in front of me and i started running towards them but i had to passed by the uncles and it was so awkward 'cause i started running past without looking back and crying out for my friends and the uncles were laughing hahaha. (phew long story) 

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