After 3 months

its been three long months! ! ! oh how i miss blogging and posting my pictures here. (but i don't shoot as much anymore so....)

i just ended my year 2 sem 1 and at the end of the semester, i actually realised that i love school. or more of my friends and what i'm doing in school. sem 1 was pretty ~chill~ compared to year 1 when we had like about 5-7 submissions?? dayum tough days. i honestly love what i'm doing now even though i may not know where i'm heading to but what matters most is doing what we love and enjoying the journey, isn't it? at least thats what i believe.

i made a little more friends and i realised who matters most to me and who doesn't along the way.
what happened in sem 1 (or more like at the end of it):

bought my first green milk tea (soi 55!!!!!!) at cathay and it has won my heart

we were really hungry and desperate to finish our work

and here are the girls that i was spending my time with (there was denise and a few others actually) and we visited sunshine plaza more than we should....... i never knew we could print the same work so many times in a day. spent my first sunday in school too. i was busy but it felt good y'know, doing something productive. juggling work and school and being able to complete everything at the end just felt so good.

really love how the school gives us the privilege to use the studio as and when we like (though everyone has to leave at midnight)

the morning after not sleeping and rushing for submission 


about 8am, all fresh (mentally, no) and ready for submission

zoe and her brilliant work which has lots of puns and meanings behind her it

and heres the only guy that i know who did embroidery (20 points to shifu!!!)

aaandddd here we have a printing machine hahaha (matthew silkscreened more than a dozen pieces as test prints and to get the final one)

so yeah, it feels good to share bout whats happening in my life and it definitely feels better to know that i'm having my holiday now and will be updating often!! :-)

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