its been so long since i've been here..... it feels so weird! i wonder why i have not missed this place, this little platform where i kept most of my past years memories. just wanna say i've been doing great and i love what i am doing and where i am now. 

i made lots of good friends whom i met almost everyday in the past few months (even during the holidays) as we worked hard for assignments. feels good to know that the people i hang out with have the same passion as me or more. these are definitely the kind of people i wanna be with... :-) 

 during the past few months i often ask myself if i should still continue keeping this platform or delete it hmmm.. but its a tough choice yeah since i have been here for yearssss. too much memories here.

 going hongkong with my school mates soon and damn excited for it! (not the weather though) we all have quite a few plans on what to do there and i'm looking forward to visiting a new foreign land and taking lots of pictures. 

 hope to regain my passion in these few months of break :-)

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