whoop whoop now that i'm starting to post about my hong kong trip does that make me seem like i'm really back to blogging? haha
i finally went on a trip with my friends after our second year in july. it took us some time to plan but i got to say this bunch is so fun to be with especially overseas. we were pretty chill about the planning which got me a little surprised (maybe its because we were too busy earning extra cash for this trip) and though there were some hiccups during the trip, everything else was great! we missed out some stuff like climbing the mountain to see the sun set and ocean park but.... y'know it was just great for me overall. 

i won't say hong kong is my favourite place to be at since the food and the weather and (most) of the people and the country itself just isn't my type of place. it was those who were with me that matters most and made everything so much more fun. (so cheesy)

we booked an airbnb apartment and i would say the apartment was heaven compared to the corridors outside our house. we got pretty creeped out when we first entered the building cos while we were unlocking the door, our neighbour got curious and took a peek. but wow, once we went in our airbnb it was like entering another world. honestly speaking i actually liked staying there. funny thing was we only realised we were staying near a ghetto place on our second or third night, haha. 

fyi, we went for 11 days which was really crazy (i'd been told many times) but that was all right cos we didn't have to rush. maybe 8 days is enough. we went to the beach on the second day since we wanted to do something different. 

(continue in second post)

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